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Hi anonymous,

first of all I do not understand why:


is a differnce to


I would expect that port 80 is the default for http and so every webserver =
will serve the same page.

And second we do have a testsuite that tests different runtime-systems (pro=
d, demo, staging).
We do have a login.xml include that is used in each webtest to do the authe=
ntication fort he application.

This login.xml contains following line:

        <invoke url=3D"https://${}/${}/" />

But actually there should be a "standard way" of doing this with webtest in=
ternal configuration-mechanisms.

Never the less the default port shouldn't be a problem for your application=

With kind regards

Michael Habbert

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Betreff: [Webtest] Host and port in config


I'm trying to put our demo server in config as host like this: host =3D "ht=
tp://" and use it later like this <invoke url =3D "/logi=
n" /> to go to url The problem is that no=
w Webtest goes to page because port 80 =
is used as default and this page does not exist. I have not figured out how=
 to make Webtest leave the ":80" -part out. Any ideas?
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