[Webtest] Webtest via Grails and Groovy using wt.parallel.nbWorkers?

Dierk König Dierk König
Tue, 15 Jan 2013 18:00:38 +0100


first, thanks a lot for being such an enthusiastic user!

Yes, we used WebTest heavily for testing in parallel and when this yielded errors it was most often errors in the application ;-)

Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is that multiple tests running in parallel should not overwrite their reports!
You need to write to different report destinations and combine the reports when all tests are finished.

happy testing

Am 15.01.2013 um 17:03 schrieb "Habbert, Michael (Key-Work)" <michael.habbert@key-work.de>:

> Hi Developer, hi Tester,
> we do use webtests in many projects. More and more we switch to groovy =
and grails.
> Since we develop a multi-tenant application we do need to test =
> We did/do run your Ant-based Webtests with more than one parallel =
Worker. Wenn I tried to use this with your groovy tests – in another project – the result is unpredictable ;-(
> Has anyone experiences with testing multi-threaded?
> With kind regards
> Michael Habbert
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