AW: [Webtest] Webtest via Grails and Groovy using wt.parallel.nbWorkers?

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Thu, 24 Jan 2013 19:16:01 +0000

Thanks a lot,

I did manage to start my Webtests with 5 and 10 worker threads.

After some concurrent problems I reached 49 single webtests (each one green=
) but the summary is still red.
The funny thing is: the log say's that many (may be each webtest was failin=
g: e.g. testAccessManageEcmDocuments...FAILED).
But on the detail-page for the single webtest everything is green.

Any tips how to debug this counting problem?

With kind regards

Michael Habbert

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> Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is that multiple tests running in paral=
lel should not overwrite their reports!
> You need to write to different report destinations and combine the report=
s when all tests are finished.

as far as I remember, this is handled by WebTest (as long as WebTest is onl=
y started once).

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