[Webtest] Re: some questions about features

Ulrich Mayring Ulrich Mayring <ulim@denic.de>
Tue, 23 Jun 2015 18:46:52 +0200

Achim Mustroph wrote:
> 1. Does the tool support
> - automatic/manual load tests and stress tests?

If you write the tests.

> - automatic/manual usability tests?

If you write the tests.

> - automatic/manual penetration tests?

If you ...

Ok, the pattern should be clear by now :)

You can do most any testing with Canoo Webtest if you so desire. The question 
is always is it of value to your business? That is a question that only you 
can answer. We are, for example, using Canoo Webtest to write tests involving 
legacy systems (think ERP and such). Of course we can't use any of the 
web-related steps for that and had to write our own. In our case it was of 
value, because the legacy systems were involved in a complex workflow with 
some web-based systems that were already using Canoo Webtest.

> 2. What features for test management are included?
> 3. Is there any feature for creating lessons learned documents after I
> finished a test cycle?

Canoo Webtest is, however, not for manual testing and will thus provide zero 
support for that. It is great for automated testing, but if you have the need 
for test management, bugtracking, requirements tracking, video recording test 
runs, lessons learned documents, then that tells me you are testing manually. 
Use a different tool for that - but you can actually call this tool from a 
Canoo Webtest, which we did in some cases (we have a custom test management 
tool for our manual testing, which we are, however, phasing out because the 
future is automated testing).

> 12. Can I integrate tools of the following kinds with webtest? Which tools
> can I integrate in each case?
> - IDEs?
> - Bug tracking systems?
> - requirements management systems?
> - continuous integration systems?

Makes no sense for an automated testing tool. Again, what does make sense is 
to integrate Canoo Webtest into those systems to have test reports available. 
The main reason we are using Canoo Webtest are its reports. Without decent 
reports the best testing framework will not get used much.

> - test frameworks?

Any you like. Although I can't think of an example where we felt the need to 
do that.